Building An Extension

They say space is the final frontier. Well, it is for many Irish homeowners anyway. For many of us, the solution lies in extending what we have. So, we've asked experienced Dublin builders from to give us the scoop on planning and building a house extension.

I'm thinking of extending? Do I need planning permission?

Not necessarily. For example, homeowners can build an extension at the rear of their premises up to 40sq m in size, provided the house has not previously been extended and the extension observes certain rules relating to height and open areas. That's a good sized extension of 25ft x17ft.

If I do need planning, how long will it take?

From the time you submit the application, typically about 8-10 weeks.

How long will the build take?

Roughly, about 6-8 weeks for a single storey extension or 10-12 weeks for a two storey.

What are certificates of compliance?

If your extension involves any structural changes, you must get a certificate of compliance . This will be needed if you sell the house or to get a mortgage for the extension work. It can be provided by a surveyor, architect or other suitably qualified person with the correct indemnity insurance. This must be arranged before building work starts as it involves several site inspections.

What will the build cost?

One rule of thumb is 130euro+VAT per square foot. If the building work is straightforward i.e. doesn't involve moving drains or shores, it can be less. If it's complicated, it could cost more.

What are our builders top 10 tips for a successful build?