Bespoke Steel In Your Home

Bespoke Steel In Your Home

Could steel could be the answer for your home improvement project? You may need a safety rail for an awkward corner, elegant garden railings in a bespoke design or structural steel for an extension. Finnegan Steel has been fabricating steel in Dublin for domestic and business customers since 1984. There's little they haven't been asked for, and they're often presented with some surprising challenges.

About Our Experts - Finnegan Steel Fabrication

Finnegan Steel Fabrication are specialists in steel for domestic, building and commercial projects. Finnegan Steel can handle all aspects of your project from the initial consultation and design to the finished product.

It's a family run business, started in 1984 by Chris Finnegan, working in time honoured fashion from the garden. 30 years, later, Finnegan Steel employs 8 fully qualified specialists in steel fabrication and installation at their workshop in Clondalkin.

However, it's still very much a family business, with brothers David, Paul and Gary all working in the business and Chris still actively involved in the company. As David says "At 71, Dad's enthusiasm and drive is an inspiration to us. He is still full of ideas and excited about the future and the direction the company should take."

What type of projects do homeowners bring to you?

All types! Starting in the garden, our customers are looking for gates and railings. With steel, these can be fabricated to really any design, size or shape. Often, our customers, will want a specific design, or a solution for a particular space.

Moving in closer to the house, we fabricate side entrance gates and security doors. It's practically impossible to break through a steel door, so they provide real peace of mind.

And of course, we do a lot of mobility and safety upgrades such as grab rails and access ramps. We also manufacture and installed a lot of guardrails for access ramps and steps.

There really isn't much that you can't do with steel. It is an element of the job that always makes it interesting. When someone walks through the door with a cardboard model or a sketch on a piece of paper or even just an idea in their head and asks "Can you make that?". Most times the answer is "yes we can".

What about larger projects?

Yes, that's a big part of our business now. With the economy the way it is people are now renovating, extending and converting attics rather than moving home. An essential element for these works is a steel support structure. We have installed everything from a lintel above a door opening to a complete structural frame from which a dwelling is built.

Does steel need maintenance?

Provided steel is protected, it offers a very long life. There are several ways to protect steel from rusting. For example, on a set of gates (or any steel item) the lowest cost option is to paint the steel with a steel primer. Once this is done it is then just a matter of owner touching up any rust spots that may appear. For those that prefer a completely no-maintenance option, we suggest galvanizing. Galvanizing is a life long protection from rust (approximately 80 years) and although more expensive it is a once off cost.

Can customers choose from different types of finishes and colours?

Absolutely, the steel primer or galvanizing can be painted over with any type of exterior steel paint. There are also other options available like powder coating. We can offer our customers all or none of these options depending on their requirements.

Is steel envionmentally friendly?

One of the things people may not be aware of when choosing steel is how environmentally friendly it is. Steel is the worlds most recycled material. The properties of steel remain the same no matter how many times it has been recycled.

When choosing a steel fabricator, what are the important factors?

The skill and experience of the fabrication are very important. I sometimes feel that, as a trade, welding and steel fabrication are under valued, "it's only welding a couple of pieces of steel together" has been something I've heard more than a few times. It is actually a very highly skilled trade, trust me I know, I see it in action every day. would like to thank Finnegan Steel Fabrication, for their helpful advice and tips for this article.

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