Tree Stump, Shrub Removal

Tree Stump, Shrub Removal

Nearly every garden has one of these unwanted tenants - a tree or shrub which was planted years ago and now either looks woody or blocks all the light. The only solution is to bite the bullet and cut down that tree or shrub. Next, you'd like to replant the area or landscape it, but first that stump has to go.

What's the first step?

The first step is to cut the tree or shrub down to the stump if that hasn't already been done. For very large trees, we'll arrange a certified tree surgeon to cut down the tree first. Otherwise, we can cut the tree or shrub down to the stump.

What next?

The next step is to expose the stump below the surface by digging away the soil surrounding it. Then we bring in a special stump grinding machine. It's a power tool with a special cutting disk that chips away the stump wood.

After you're finished, will the stump be still visible?

No, we grind the stump down below as well as above ground level. Typically, we grind down to about 10inches below the ground level. That's plenty of clearance for laying a new lawn. However, if you are building on the area, we can grind down to a much lower level.

The only visible sign of the stump after we're finished is the wood chip generated by grinding. That can be used to backfill the hole, spread elsewhere on the garden or taken away by us.

What about the roots?

It's obviously not feasible to remove the roots directly, not without excavating half your garden anyway. Once the stump has been cut away, the roots will decay over time.

Access to my garden is very tight. Will it be possible to bring in the machinery.

Yes, the stump grinder is quite narrow and can be brought in a side gate or through the house.

How long does it take to grind down a stump?

It depends on the size of the stump, but typically a stump with a 20inch diameter can be ground down in under an hour. would like to thank for their helpful advice and tips for this article.